In the Best of St. Louis Awards, the St. Louis Riverfront Times named The Billiken Club, “Best Rock Club (2007),” and “Best All Ages Venue (2009).” The RFT states:

A lot of older folks like to stick their noses up at the all-ages venues in town and complain how the crowds there make them feel like they’re stuck in a casting call for High School Musical 4, but the reality is, if you write off the Billiken Club, you’re missing out on some of the best concerts this city is lucky enough to host. The bookers do a consistently excellent job of bringing in eclectic and emerging talent, even if it is almost exclusively of the indie variety. The bands they tap range from those you already know and love, such as Beach House or Bon Iver, to those you’ll be talking about a year from now, such as the Bowerbirds or Sea Wolf, about whom you’ll get to brag that you saw-them-way-back-when. The stage is big enough for plenty of eager fans to get close to the action but spacious enough for old schoolers to stand back from the riffraff and stroke their graying beards.Riverfront Times

Kind words from Billiken Club fans:

“The Billiken Club does such a good job of providing consistent, quality, alternative entertainment. Shows may not garner the biggest crowds, but I know that whether it’s 20 people or 200 at the venue, every show has been electric and powerful.” – Matt Boswell, Saint Louis University Class of 2014.

“I am a SLU Law 2008 Alumnus, and I am always happy to see my student funds used to bring the likes of the Mountain Goats, Dum Dum Girls, Crocodiles, Marnie Stern, and Widowspeak. STL isn’t the most competitive dot on the touring map; if The Billiken Club didn’t bring in these national acts (often with local support), there’s a good chance they’d skip town. The shows are generally friendly and well-attended, all-ages and hassle-free. Please keep it as it is!” – Mike Appelstein, SLU Law Class of 2008


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