About Upcoming Artists

Spring 2012 Lineup Coming Soon…


5 Responses to About Upcoming Artists

  1. Being a grad student at SLU, I would love my band Audiotherapy (formerly snowangeldust) to open for any of the Bands coming through at the Billiken.

  2. tako says:

    I would like to see Pure Ecstasy at The Billiken Club http://pitchfork.com/news/38096-rising-pure-ecstasy/

  3. Rambodude says:

    I think you guys should get Larry and his flask to play!

  4. AfghanWhigFan says:

    Wild Nothing would be a good addition to all the great bands you’ve had play at The Billiken Club.

  5. CaliGirl23456 says:

    Radiodriveby would be fantastic! They just played Bazooka Rocks in the Phillipines with All Time Low, A Rocket to the Moon, Anberlin, etc.

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